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Photograph courtesy P.D.Ward (zippy)

Back Row L-R : C.Hill(Manager) J.Haywood, J.Porter, J.Hatwell, P.Pemberton, T.Scattergood
D.Bugg, D.Pegg, N.Chawner Front Row L-R : P.Bennett, G.Simms, R.Mann, A.Watkinson, D.Dilks
J.Canning, C.Mosley.


Anonymous said...

Spot the ringer , illegal player fielded , match score invalid , pools panel result , Drivers ( including illegal player ) 1 Yard staff 2 ,

linesman said...

Yes , what started with a bit of fun eneded in controversy as the traincrew X1 fielded at least 3 semi professional players , I recall , shame on them !!!

Keith Schofield said...

I think the groundstaff would have won the match had the drivers not cheated !
They were better blokes !

Chilwell Rat Catcher said...

Driver J Porter ??? What link was he in ??? Cheats !!!

Bug Hut Coackroach said...

Was it J for Janet ?

Angus ma coat up said...

cheeky sods , tainted the occasion