Of the companies that have run Toton, Mainlines was the briefest, barely two years. Its remit was to take Trainload freight and turn it into a separate company prior to privatisation. This process began in 1994 and Mainline launched its staff magazine in April of that year. Under the stewardship of MD Kim Jordan (inset) Mainline set about the task and had hoped that the Company would be vested in October but there was a six month delay. The Company was officially launched on November 14th 1994 but did not become vested (a subsidiary of BR) until 1st April 1995.
The next step in the privatization process was for Mainline to be sold. The deadline for offers was Friday September 8th 1995. Bidders included the American based Company Wisconsin Central who had also bid for Transrail and Loadhaul. Mainline Freight senior management also made a bid for the Mainline business. Under the timetable for sale drawn up by the Government the sale was expected to be completed before the end of the year but it was February 1996 before it was announced that Wisconsin Central had won the bid.

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